19 Aug 2015

10 Unique Gifts Your Fave Mom-to-Be is Missing at the Baby Shower

Turns out that the month of August has the highest rate of births (at least in the United States)… so guess what Leos, you populate the zodiac most. As friends, cousins, and colleagues all start to grow their families, I’ve been front row in the baby bump celebrations (and genuinely like it). PS- have you […]

12 Aug 2015

ONE tip, and Triple the Benefits… Boost your kid’s language skills

Maybe you’ve already heard my soapbox speech about pointing, . Pointing is surprisingly a super important skill for communication, and can predict your kiddo’s vocabulary size later on. So…. no pressure kid… but let’s get the pointing business on the road. One way to reinforce pointing is by modeling, and pointing to really specific things. […]

05 Aug 2015

4 Things they don’t tell you about Baby Signs

Baby signs are all the craze! Wild videos of 8-month olds signing butterfly and truck. Makes you feel like your babe should really pick up the pace, right? Welllllll, not exactly. Baby signs are great. They give kiddos an opportunity to use their big muscles (their hands) before those tiny muscles in their mouth develop. […]

29 Jul 2015

Does your kiddo point and grunt? Do this….

Is your kiddo doing that thing where they point and grunt to tell you what they want? Are they grabbing your hand, forcing you off the couch, to lead you to what they want? That’s awesome! They are showing great communicative intent! To get them talking, try giving them choices. When they’re in their highchair […]

22 Jul 2015

Is your Kid Sticker Obsessed? If you can’t beat ‘em…

… Join ‘em. Honestly, if I gave my niece this package of stickers, they would be stuck in 1,000 different places around the house, left for my sister to find and clean up and she would curse me out for days. But I would obviously get Aunt of the Year (as in, totally worth it, […]

14 Jul 2015

30 Totally Un-Boring Toys for Your Tot

It’s Prime Day!!! What does that even mean? Well, if you’re a Mom, then there’s an 80% chance you’re also an Amazon Prime member because… duh. I never knew I needed things delivered nearly instantly with a kid around. Today is Amazon’s 20th Birthday (which actually doesn’t make me feel all that old, so double […]

08 Jul 2015

5 Simple Toys that your kid can’t travel without

My 1-year old has had his fair share of traveling. As an infant, the first few flights were tiresome, mostly because I was stressed, breastfeeding in crowded plane rows, diaper blow-outs just as we’re taking off and that damn seat belt sign just stays on for-ev-er. Have you been there? And as he’s getting older, […]

01 Jul 2015

Why Your Baby Can’t Resist a Selfie

Ever notice that your babe LOVES the mirror, or perks up right at that moment when you’re taking a selfie? Believe it or not, babies as young as 3 months have a preference for looking at faces. Your face, their own, your mother-in-law’s… if there’s a face to see, they’re looking and interested. For one — people […]

24 Jun 2015

Everything you didn’t know about Old McDonald

Old McDonald and his gang of barnyard animals are really onto something in regards to language development. Teaching sounds as “first words” is genius! Sounds are so much easier for those little mouths to imitate than words are, so they are often some of the first “words” that kiddos can say. And they’re really great […]