17 Jun 2015

What Dad Really Wants this Father’s Day

Full disclosure here: my own father has never changed a diaper in his entire life. After kids and grandkids of his own, he’s quick to do handoff in the “I think this one needs a new diaper” sort of thing. But the next generation of dads is different… Modern dads are incredible. So many of […]

09 Jun 2015

The EASIEST way to help your child learn new words FAST!

Help enrich word learning with this quick tip… Your kiddo is absorbing all sorts of new information every day. And… you probably want to know what to say to them to help them learn new words, right? I’ve got a super simple tip to share with you, that you can put to use TODAY! Use a verb + […]

16 Oct 2014

4 Ways Singing Promotes Language Development

Singing and Language Development You know those gurgles and screeches your baby started making early on? Those sounds, and vocal play sound a bit more like singing, than talking. In many ways, language is a kind of song. It’s true that singing promotes language development in the budding brain. Singing to your baby can help […]

06 Aug 2014

Prepping Kids for “Back to School”

So long summer. Farewell sprinkler, swim trunks, and water wings. Adieu late nights and sleep-in mornings. As we bid our farewells to the pleasures of summer,  there is only one thing on the family brain… back to school. And whether your child is returning for another year of school, or just starting their first day […]

27 May 2014

Affirming Parenthood

Nearly half a million babies in the United States alone are born premature. That means that every 1 in 8 babies are considered “preterm.” Important fetal growth and development occurs, even in the last weeks of pregnancy. Learning about how to care for your baby and foster their development outside of the womb, and especially […]

27 May 2014

Summer Activities for Kids that Build Language

Ahhhh, summer. This time of year leaves many parents with mixed emotions. Excitement, anticipation, perhaps angst? Entertaining your baby, toddler, or child can be a challenge sometimes. But as parents we want to create the best learning environment to help them continue to thrive during this season. Check out these summer activities for kids that […]

10 Dec 2013

8 Holiday Toy Shopping Tips for Kids

Tis the season for indulgence and extra pie, cyber shopping, caroling, and gift giving. So this week, we’re bringing you our holiday toy guide, 8 essential tips for holiday toy shopping for kids. Learn how to spot the best toys for language learning and development! These quick tips will make you the master of all […]

01 Oct 2013

Top 10 Books for Baby

We know that reading to your child is so crucial, even sometimes before birth. Introducing your baby to books early is fantastic for language development and brain growth! So wondering what books are musts for your shelf? Here are The Speechies top 10 books for your baby before age 1. Babies Love Babies Its a […]

24 Sep 2013

Picky Eater at Home? What Parents Should do 10 times to help

If your toddler is a “picky eater,” you are not alone; 25% of parents in the U.S. are dreading feeding times, and that number is increasing. So how do we create all accepting omnivores in our kiddos? Well, the researchers say to start as early as possible.   The Rule of 10: Your child should […]

10 Sep 2013

How to Start Using Signs with your Baby

Have you heard the craze behind baby signs? Interested in teaching your baby some signs, but not sure where to start? Using signs with your baby can give him/her early access to communication, while strengthening the ability to produce expressive speech. Signs are easier for babies to use, since gross motor movements (like arms and […]