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about_us_picErika Cardamone, MS, CCC-SLP

I first became a speech-language pathologist because I was truly following my life's passion of helping people talk and eat. My two most favorite things to do. After years of practicing,  The Speechies was founded as my passion for working with families grew into more than just therapy… I wanted to work really closely with patients and their family members and show them some of the same techniques therapists use to get better results.

In my over ten years of experience, I’ve seen children and adults in hospital, outpatient, and home care settings. I’ve worked with a wide array of medically fragile children and children needing some extra support to build speech and language skills. My greatest success is the long list of “graduates.”

The Formals:

I have a Masters of Science in Speech-Language Pathology from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Science degree from Syracuse University. I began my career in New York City working full-time in a top private hospital. I taught at Columbia University and have supervised graduate students abroad in South America and Africa, providing speech and feeding therapy to children in need. In 2011, my husband and I moved to San Francisco, where The Speechies was born, though I continued to work in a hospital part-time with medically fragile patients from premature babies to stroke and brain injured adults.

In Summer of 2017, we made the move back to the east coast, and have decided to plant our roots here in Philadelphia, closer to our families, and raise our own children as city kids 🙂

I’ve had experience with speech therapy for children of all ages and adults, with varying communication and feeding/swallowing disorders. Choose me as your resource and your guide to build, improve, and enhance your loved one’s ability to communicate.

Pediatric Speech Therapy - The Personal:

In 2014, the most amazing thing happened. I got to be a Mom. And then it happened again in 2016! Being a Mom of two has allowed me to walk-the-walk and now... I get it. I completely relate to the way your heart just opens and explodes with love for another human in the most unique and unconditional way. I've never fallen in love so hard and so fast. So if you hang out on the blog at all, you'll get some tips; things that I've done at home with my kiddo, and really easy, thought provoking, language boosting, and child developing games and play ideas.

And if you're wanting even more help with play ideas at home, especially that first year of your baby's life, then you've got to check out Baby School. It's a go-at-your-own-pace way of learning how to play with your baby to enrich learning.