Is your Kid Sticker Obsessed? If you can’t beat ‘em…

… Join ‘em.

Honestly, if I gave my niece this package of stickers, they would be stuck in 1,000 different places around the house, left for my sister to find and clean up and she would curse me out for days.

But I would obviously get Aunt of the Year (as in, totally worth it, right?)

Get this… stickers can actually be used as a language learning opportunity

[so take that, sister! I’m actually educating your first born!]

In our speech pathology world, we often look at skills such as auditory memory and language processing.

Which is code for, how much information a kiddo can hold in their brain and can they understand that information to follow a spoken direction.

Action Step: Try giving them a few directions to execute. For example:

  • “Put the heart on my nose, and the flower on my toe”
  • “Put the round sticker on my hand, and the bunny on my shirt”
  • "Put the turtle on Dad's head, and the pirate on the fridge"

You get the idea. These quick listening lessons can truly help develop the skills necessary for following directions, which is an important academic skill too.

PS- My BIG Speechies update is coming SOON! And you’re really going to love it!