Everything you didn’t know about Old McDonald

Old McDonald and his gang of barnyard animals are really onto something in regards to language development.

Teaching sounds as “first words” is genius!

Sounds are so much easier for those little mouths to imitate than words are, so they are often some of the first “words” that kiddos can say. And they're really great party tricks in front of the grandparents too.

Ok Jimmy, tell Grandma what the doggie says…

Old McDonald is a classic song because it works! It has great repetition and gives kids plenty of opportunities to imitate sounds and the chorus… E-I-E-I-O!!!!

Action Step: Start practicing animal sounds in songs, books and puzzles. Someone gave us this old school gem as a first birthday gift, and it's our new favorite. Great for countless rounds of imitation and practice with mooing, neighing, and quacking. Want to take it up a notch? Act out each animal for a fun learning moment (but definitely make sure your Dropcam is off. That would be embarrassing).