Why Your Baby Can’t Resist a Selfie

Ever notice that your babe LOVES the mirror, or perks up right at that moment when you're taking a selfie?

Believe it or not, babies as young as 3 months have a preference for looking at faces. Your face, their own, your mother-in-law’s… if there’s a face to see, they’re looking and interested.

For one — people are pretty interesting. We can change our expressions, which are usually exaggerated and we’ve got their attention (most of the time).

Second — silly things happen when we put ourselves and baby in front of the mirror. Funny faces, cloudy breaths on the glass, sometimes loud sounds, and obviously selfies.

Action Step: This week, try maximizing some mirror time with your baby. Give high fives to yourselves, touch noses and teach other body parts, brush your teeth and hair, play peek-a-boo, and do lots of pointing at each other…

Who me? Yeah you! [insert tickle laughter here]

Everyone wonders… Does my baby know they are looking at themselves?

Studies show that sometime around 15 months is when baby recognizes themselves in the mirror. Want to know how? Click on over to the blog for more.