11 Nov 2015

Why Play on the Playground?

Earlier this fall, our family of 3 took a brave vacation to Europe. One of the best things about vacationing is changing your surroundings, getting out of your comfort zone, and learning just through experience (I could go on about travel tips with a one year old, but we’ll save that for another time.) Traveling with our […]

04 Nov 2015

12 Questions to Ask Your Toddler

You’ve probably heard me talk about one of my favorite people in this world… my niece. She’s [almost] 5, she’s the first kiddo that made me an aunt, and she’s in kindergarten (where they’re probably doing calculus these days). Now that she’s gone all day, you’d think that she’d have a ton to tell about. […]

27 Oct 2015

5 Brain Boosting Reasons to Talk with your Baby

You’ve probably heard that talking to your baby is important. From the minute your baby is born, their brains are ready and wired to hear, process, and learn language. It’s true that in the first 3 years of life, your baby’s brain triples in size; craving more stimulation to help that organ grow. So… no […]

21 Oct 2015

8 Awesome Non-Food Treats for Halloween

Confession time…  Before becoming a Mom, Halloween has been an all or none holiday for me. If it happened to land on a weekend, and some friends initiated plans, I did my best to come up with a creative costume and joined the party. I just have to brag for a quick second… one year […]

14 Oct 2015

3 Playtime Surprises for Baby

Ever since my little guy started crawling and cruising around the edges of the couch, he loved being chased. We’d pop out from behind a door with this expressive I’m gonna get you, he’d cackle in delight, and kisses and tickles directly followed. We’re still playing the chasing game, but now we just have to […]

07 Oct 2015

The Mom Guilt is Real: A Pep Talk… and my BIG Announcement

We’ve all experienced Mom-guilt, and it’s terrible. I accidentally gave my kid the non-organic banana! (*GASP*); Oh my god he fell to the floor when I was RIGHT there and now there’s this terrifying shiner on his forehead (*GASP*); I didn’t or couldn’t breastfeed (*GASP*), Work has been craaazy and I barely got to feed […]

16 Sep 2015

5 Ways to Up Your Reading Game

I love reading to my babe. I’m sure you’re the same. He’s totally got his favorite books that we both have memorized, and sometimes we even resort to reciting them (without the book on hand) during long car rides or walks for entertainment and soothing effects. We’ve all heard of the benefits of reading to […]

02 Sep 2015

Foodie Baby, this one’s for you

I know that you fall into one of two categories: 1 – Your kid is a total omnivore, devours just about anything you put in front of them, tries all new foods instantly, and they LOVE eating, every meal, every time. or 2 – You’re wondering if your kid willingly goes on a hunger strike […]