Affirming Parenthood

Nearly half a million babies in the United States alone are born premature. That means that every 1 in 8 babies are considered “preterm.” Important fetal growth and development occurs, even in the last weeks of pregnancy. Learning about how to care for your baby and foster their development outside of the womb, and especially at home, is a valuable tool for parents.

Introducing, Affirming Parenthood. A series of video learning modules for parents and caregivers, to understand how to best support preemies at home. Are you a parent or caregiver of a preemie? Find out more here

The Speechies was featured on Disney Baby

We've done it again this week... The Speechies has partnered up with Disney Baby to bring you more expert advice on helping your child thrive.

If you liked 15 Simple Words to Teach Baby, then check out 10 Great Toys for Language Development and word learning.
As a parent, you have thousands of options in choosing toys for your little one. But all you really need are a few low-maintenance, no batteries required toys to foster language, play, and early critical thinking. In 10 Great Toys for Language Development, you'll learn the power of bubbles, blocks, tea parties, and shape sorters. Check out this post to learn which words and early concepts can be taught using the toys you already have.


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The Speechies was featured on Disney Baby

Babies learn their world through all of their senses, even when it comes to words - hearing, seeing, touching. By teaching a simple, straight-forward vocabulary, you can promote more positive communication experiences with your little one.

Babies are fascinated with faces, they'll be watching your eyes and mouth intently when you speak. These 15 words are "visual" sounds - sounds you can see (like "m," "p," and "b").

Repetition is the key to learning. Babies as young as 4 months old benefit from repetitive sounds and words. Check out these 15 words to say 3-5 times within the same minute for optimal word learning.

15 Simple Words to Teach Baby