Speech Therapy for Children Philadelphia

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The Speechies provides speech therapy for children of all ages in the Philadephia, PA area. Offering an initial free phone consultation for members who sign-up for our newsletter. We also offer screening, complete comprehensive evaluations with a timely written report, and parent/caregiver consultation. Treatment sessions are typically 30-45 minutes in length, and a complete therapy plan will be provided to you prior to initiation of services, so that you can easily track progress. Additionally, we look to collaborate with other professionals involved in your loved one’s care, including teachers, other therapists, and physicians.

Check with your insurance provider regarding if your plan covers speech-language therapy. Unfortunately, few insurance companies reimburse parents for speech therapy to treat “developmental disorders” related to articulation or language in children. However, coverage is often approved for rehabilitative speech therapy (e.g. due to traumatic brain injury, or to treat congenitally related speech problems). If interested, please inquire about our private pay program.

We service both children and adults with varying communication or feeding/swallowing difficulties. Find out more on how we can work together.