The EASIEST way to help your child learn new words FAST!

Help enrich word learning with this quick tip...

Your kiddo is absorbing all sorts of new information every day. And... you probably want to know what to say to them to help them learn new words, right?

I’ve got a super simple tip to share with you, that you can put to use TODAY!

Use a verb + a noun

Studies show that children learn nouns faster when they are attached to verbs. So when you’re out for a walk or at the park, instead of saying “Look, a bird!” try “Look, a flying bird.” The verbs give the noun function, which makes it more salient for learning.

Take Action:

Next time you read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, or any of my favorites in Eric Carle's series, try attaching a verb to the animal. For example, a walking brown bear, an eating blue horse or a waddling macaroni penguin.

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