Jamie, New York City, Special Education Teacher

Erika’s knowledge base is so vast, including newborns, speech acquisition, older children, adults, and far beyond. She is a wealth of knowledge and is an amazing resource for professionals. Erika is always there as a colleague to consult about my concerns and offer practical solutions, which are easily applied.

While privately tutoring an emergent speaker who was on the autistic spectrum, Erika helped me create and cater a program to his needs including structured play, that immediately helped this child show improvements in development of language and eye contact. The enthusiasm Erika has toward her field is unmatched by anyone I’ve ever worked with. She has a true gift and I’m lucky to have Erika as a support. All who meet her can feel her genuine nature and see her compassion towards everyone she works with. Erika is certainly my authority on all areas regarding speech and language!