Splish Splash, Learning Words in the Bath

Bathing Baby
The best opportunities for language learning and enhancement are through daily routines, like getting dressed and mealtime. Bath time can be a fun way to teach new vocabulary words, like nouns, verbs, and new phrases. You'll have to tailor some of the words and phrases depending on your child's age. Or you can work on identifying/finding items in the bath. For example: Find your ears, Find a bubble, Find your ducky!

Use these words in combination with short repetitious phrases. For example: wash hair, scrub feet, blow bubbles, pour water, pop bubble

  • Nouns                    Verbs                  Body Parts               Concepts
  • water                      wash                   hair/head                  in/on
  • soap                        pour                    eyes                        under
  • bubbles                   splash                nose                         up/down
  • shampoo                  pop                     mouth                    wet/dry
  • towel                       blow                   ears                        clean/dirty
  • tub/bath                   dry                      belly                       full/empty
  • Any Bath Toys!         scrub                  feet                        all-gone/all-done

Bath time is a great time to teach body parts and ask your child to identify those parts on himself followed by a playful scrub.

Toys that can also help with word learning include bubbles, balls, animals, boats/trucks. You can always incorporate a fine motor or gross motor activity during bath time too! Here are a few suggested toys to facilitate play and new word learning at bath time:

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