My Most Favorite Sign… and the timing couldn’t be better!

If your halls are decked, candles lit, lights bright and maybe some presents lurking under trees and left over from Hanukkah, my timing on this tidbit of information is key.

My favorite sign to use with kiddos is WAIT.

WAITING is hard. It’s the toddler version of us grown-ups in line at the DMV. Hard to understand, impatience escalating, and maybe on the verge of a melt down or two.

Maybe you’ve planted some bait (i.e. perfectly wrapped presents) under your tree already. Is your kiddo lunging toward it with overt eagerness to destroy and reveal its contents? (I mean really, you should know better…).

If you’re trying to teach the concept this holiday, or any day… try using this American Sign Language sign.

It’s a great sign, not just to keep them from ripping wrapping to shreds, but also if they’re in the high chair and waiting for food, waiting for the bathtub to fill up, or eager waiting to destroy a super tall block tower that you’re really proud of.

Are you into signs? Want to learn more? Subscribe to my friend and colleague, Adrienne’s YouTube channel at Sign with Adrienne. She’s teaching a sign a week with stellar memory strategies, and well, she’s awesome.

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Speaking of waiting… we’re taking a holiday break from blogs this season, so see you all in 2016!


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