What Dad Really Wants this Father’s Day

Full disclosure here: my own father has never changed a diaper in his entire life. After kids and grandkids of his own, he’s quick to do handoff in the “I think this one needs a new diaper” sort of thing.

But the next generation of dads is different…

Modern dads are incredible. So many of them are doing everything moms do. The H (husband) for example, was a pro swaddler (I mean seriously pro- a burrito roll that Chipotle could be enchanted with), poop handler, booger sucker, breastfeeding cheerleader, master soother, and bath-time champion, that impressed generations of women in my, old-school, immigrant family.

He’s pretty much the best.

And so many modern dads are taking it all on too. It’s a new era of professional women that juggle work and family, and dads are stepping up to carry some of the weight.

So with Father’s Day nearly here, they deserve something awesome.

Besides noise canceling headphones (sometimes necessary if taking calls from home in our world), I’m a sucker for creating a moment.

Consider gifting Dad some books to share with the nugget at home.

For the young ones:

I Love My Daddy Because is a great concept book, has lots of great verbs, and also awesome for practicing animal sounds (a skill that I feel like Dads totally have a leg-up over Moms).

If your kiddo is vehicle obsessed like mine, Mighty Dads will be a soon favorite. Creative rhythm and rhyme, which is great for language development, and fantastic use of exciting adjectives

And for the older ones:

Tad and Dad is a cute story about how the little ones from up so fast, that we miss the things that might have been a bit aggravating before.

Because I’m Your Dad tells the story about Monster Dads and the fun and funny things Dads do that might slightly bend the rules of the house. This ones for the rule breakers. Get it now.

This Sunday, we’re planning on plenty of reading, maybe a hike and lunch out, looking through pictures, and reminiscing. Hoping this Sunday brings lots of new memories, tight cuddles, and a deserved celebration for the Modern Dad! After all, he’s pretty awesome!