How to Make Your Child Talk – and why you should subscribe to this blog

You have gotten this far. You have searched for this content and found it. New parents, seasoned parents, grandparents, educators, and speech pathologists will all benefit from this blog. It will give you resources, tips, tricks, activities, and conversational points to improving, building, and enhancing your child’s communication skills.

I’m a speech-language pathologist. My area of expertise is talking and communication - the most complex manner in which human beings create, recreate and progress interpersonal relationships.

Communication is this big umbrella word. It means sounds, words, sentences,... it means the length of a sentence, the way it sounds, the way its perceived... it means how well it is understood. Communication needs to be effective, no matter how old we are.

Welcome to my blog. My vision is to provide you with “take-home” ways to create communication with your child. Real strategies and techniques that you can use once or everyday. When a parent becomes the expert in communication, the child thrives. I want to be able to provide you with the same skills that we use as professional therapists, to maximize your child’s ability to play, engage, listen, and speak.

You will be provided with updates about products, including books and toys, and methods of how to use these products for ideal communication. Sign-up for free updates:

Still wanting more? I offer phone consultations and face-to-face services for clients in the Bay Area, and video chat services for those afar.


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